Web Design & Development

Web design & development both combined is the what we at Easy Link call it as Web Presence Engineering. The web designer looks after the aesthetic & cosmetic values of your web pages whereas the web developer takes care of your codes & the functionality aspect of your web presence.

It is very important to choose the right technology that will compliment your web design, also your hosting provider should be able to allow you to scale up when there is need. We provide solutions for your web design & development right from the domain name choice to your hosting needs. We have expertise in server side programs that will suit your requirement such as PHP, ASP.NET, React.js, Angular as front end & backend as MySQL, SQL, Mongo DB etc. Some web development warrants faster notification & quick updates on the back-end which can allow the users to pull out the required data with this in mind we suggest the client to choose the right technology that will pave way for their future scalability & technology adoption.

User Centered Design

A websites on the internet focuses on being user oriented rather than technology oriented. The advantages of User Centered Design (UCD) is that the best products & services is to understand the need of the end users & your online visitors.

  • Increased revenues online
  • Increased customer satisfaction & retention
  • Reduction in support & training materials
  • Focus on user tasks rather than technology
  • Brand reinforcement through good UX

Our user journeys are tailored as per the understanding of how your target audience thinks.


Helps you to engage your customers and not your business.


Understanding the target audience will think, feel & behave gives you the insights to develop your own product strategy.


We provide mobile responsive design services which renders with user friendliness in multiple devices.