Google Ads / PPC

TGoogle Ads and Google Adwords are synonymous, it is the advertising system that is run by Google which leverages certain keywords for a particular product or services. For every ad that is displayed in the Google Search Pages Google counts this as a Impression and for every click the ads is clicked Google charges your account you set up with them for running your Ads campaign. The Impression count is called as CPM and the Clicks are called as CPC / PPC (Cost-per-Click or Pay-per-click).

Google displays your ads in their systems as per your campaign choice you can run your ads only on the search pages or you can run them on the Google partner sites such as You Tube, Mobile Advertisements, Maps, Feeds etc. To drive a quick traffic to your website provided you have the budget to do so & build brand recognition in the markets Google Ads is the best strategy that can be adopted by any business or large organisations.

In short Speed, Precision, Agility and Measurements can be executed and benefitted with Google Ads.

  • Speed of traffic to your website can be driven efficiently and to the advantage which in turn build brand recognition.
  • Precision by way of showing your ads to an intended audience on Google networks.
  • Agility to tweek your campaigns to improve on the success rate.
  • Measurement of Conversions and Return On Investment (ROI) for the ads campaign.