Email Marketing

Email still proves to a good communication tool with your clients as well as your prospective client. Email Marketing can also be referred as a direct marketing where you intend to reach your audience directly. With email marketing not only your promotions can be shared also your blogs, videos etc can be shared for more visibility which in turn results in website traffic and boosts your web presence online. Email is a easier way to communicate at one shot with all your clients & convey them your offers or drive traffic. But email marketing if not handled in the correct way will result in spamming wherein you tend to irate the recipients and loose their interests.

Email marketing helps to share your newsletters, blog post, time bound offers and many more as warranted. For a startup or a small business the challenge will be on how to collect a list of email IDs which can be used for the purpose of mass communications. Also you might be wondering what kind of campaigns can I use email marketing for? We provide solutions such as collecting email Ids through the newsletter subscriptions online. Email Ids can be sourced from your client list, people who shows interest in your services or products & from your out bound marketing Strategies.

There are some free email marketing solutions online such as MailChimp, constant contact, Send Pulse, MailJet and few others where they allow to use their predefine email templates as well you can make your own email templates to convey your message.

Why Email Marketing?

Emails are a good way to bring in leads and it helps in the prospects to take action on the landing page you intend to convey your promos or any service offerings that may interest the target audience.

  • Email Campaigns are easy to begin
  • You can segment your audience & serve them messages accordingly.
  • Lead generation is effective.
  • Keeps your brand reminded with your audience.
  • Make your prospects choose the right service or products they intend to use.
  • Cost effective solution with high ROI.