What Is Lead Generation?

The process of fuelling your sales pipeline with prospective buyers that are interested in your products or services is known as lead generation. With SEO quality traffic is driven onto your webpages and the prospects are target with goals & campaigns that will make them take the first step towards showing interest in your products or services.

Lead generation can be achieved more effectively with a combined Digital Marketing effort that will bring your brands products and services closer to the audience.

How do you get leads?

B2B Leads can be generated through various channels such as Websites, Conferences, Email Marketing and trade shows that can be effective. Whereas the B2C Leads are generated through channels such as Websites, Social Media , Email marketing, prints ads, Audio & Video Channels.

A combined efforts with the below mentioned properties can generate quality leads.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is abbreviated as CRO at times its is also known as Conversion optimisation. CRO is more focused on increasing conversion in your website. This deals with factors such as the user interface, user Experience, Grabbing the attention of your prospective buyers to drive them into your sales funnel by making them take the desired action on your web presence.

An example of a CRO can be such as asking to fill out a form in return for something that interests the prospective customers. CRO works with SEO as a hand in glove where SEO is the solution to bring in your prospects & CRO make them take the decision to query you with their interests.

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