Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is your online face for your visitors, interacting with your online visitors and ringing in a positive vibration about your brand online through various digital marketing channels is Reputation Marketing. Visitors leave a trail of comments either through reviews, blog comments, or comment for an article published these are signals that can be picked up and tuned in for positive results of your brand.

ORM, online reputation management, is not to be confused with Reputation Marketing though both may sound similar in activities. ORM is more of an activity that attends to the negative comments left by your online visitors & repairing the damage that is done to your product or services. Where as Reputation Marketing manages your brand reputation through the social platforms and other portals that plays a major role in decision making for the prospective buyers. As an example Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google My Business and many others play a major role in influencing your brand reputation.

Key Goals Of Reputation Marketing

The success of a reputation marketing lies in these 3 keys areas

  • Manage and Monitor effectively.
  • Repair Damages effectively.
  • Brand promotions & activations online.

We have trained professional who look out for the signals that can be leveraged to build your brand reputation. We interact with your visitors online make them vouch for your brand which in turn increases your SEO efforts and also your brand presence. The negative comments are tactfully handled to change the perception of your customer and install faith in your brand or services.