Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing as the word itself suggest its an Influence or endorsements from the people in the respective industry. These endorsements can be on the social platforms or a expert sharing an opinion on the product or service that you provide which is beneficial to the market or customers. Testimonial advertising is the role of a Influencer where he can be a buyer by himself or he can leverage your prospects buying patterns. Influencers can be a Academician, a professional advisor, a journalist or a industry analyst.

Influencers reach out to your audience or prospects through a blog post and / or social networks which gains milage on your brand which in turn instills faith on your product or services. In the current trend the market is a crowded place to stand out we need recommendations from the industry which will impact our growth proportionally.

Social Media accounts such as Instagram, FaceBook, You Tube, Twitter & Linkedin have a a huge fan following where the followers are keen to know what actions are taken by their idols and what are they endorsing upon.