What is Affiliate Marketing?

Will anyone not be interested in making money just by referrals. Affiliate marketing is all generating revenue just by share the info in your website or webpages.

Affiliate marketing is the showcasing of products or links which an online retailer or website pays commission to an external site for traffic or deals created from its referrals. Affiliate marketing is measured based on the performance of the shared product or link that converts as a transaction.

Affiliates go about writing a post on a product in the market which helps the prospects, looking for the particular product, make a decision to purchase. In turn the referral website get a commission paid for this reference. This is not only restricted to a written post it can also be display ad or just a link that is place in a page that fetches high traffic.

Another flavour is to offer coupons for a purchases or some actions take on a website. Affiliate marketing is generally adopted by the B2C market which is more beneficial to them. This does not ignore the B2B marketers to adopt Affiliate marketing techniques but the scope for B2B is quite challenging and can be used effectively with proper execution.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Program?

Below are some pointers that will help you to start a Affiliate Marketing program.

Current AudienceThe current audience will guide you on the right affiliate program that can be adopted. Your Social Media followers, Blog followers, newsletter Subscribers are the foot prints for your Affiliate marketing.

Market your Affiliate programA successful affiliate program should be able to extend to the external users other than the existing users. Make your affiliates find you randomly is a challenge. Connect with websites that will be willing to promote your products or services, bloggers to talk about you and email list of publishers. Networks also can help you to get affiliates for you. You can try your hands on creating your own networks which may work well too at times.

Getting TrafficDriving traffic is quite important for your affiliate program to become successful. Do not rely on single source of affiliates get to diversify your traffic to fetch better results. Building relations with bloggers an getting paid traffic sources will be helpful.

PubliciseGet the word out on your affiliate program such as the directories and forums & other networks which carry weightage.

AnalyseUse analytics to keep track of where your program is heading which gives you a sense of direction on what you intend to achieve.