UI / UX Solutions

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) is the key to your online visitors. To retain & make your visitors find the right information is the task of your User experience. If your visitors are able to interact flawlessly with your website or an application then that is said to be a well Incorporated UX. While the UX takes the responsibility of the interaction the UI addresses the presentation form which needs to be appealing to the users as well pleasing to the eyes.

We create a great user experience for the designs that we vet out. Our UI / UX process goes as per the steps below

  • We identify the requirement by taking to the stake holders.
  • Conduct a research of your competitors their pitch.
  • Develop a design strategy to create a architectural overview of the ideas, user journeys and experience maps.
  • Develop a sketch to conceive the architectural overview.
  • Design a layout with a visual appeal that etches & goes with your brand.
  • Choose the right front end development tool that will compliment the back end server logics which also addresses the cross platform compatibility & device renderings.
  • Test the outcome for usability & functionalities.