Inbound / Out Bound Marketing

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • A method to attract customers with content & tailor-made experience for their benefits. With the help of landing pages, Ads, Videos, Blogs, Social Media & Content strategy we bring the clients to take notice of our service or products and then offer them solutions of engagement with Lead generation, Email Marketing, Chat bots, & CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The take aways for the customers are conversations and ROI.

  • Visibility
  • We Create landing pages, Ads or Videos or content etc that will make you visible in front of your prospective clients. When they take action we move on to engage them effectively.

  • Engagement
  • We track your prospects interest such as how long are they spending time on the materials they intent to look upon. We send them effective emails that will lead to conversions & making purchase decisions.

  • Converts
  • We make ways for meetings that will result in conversions and make marketing easier for your organisation.

Techniques that can be adopted for Inbound Marketing for an Organisation.

  • Techniques that can be adopted for Inbound Marketing for an Organisation.
  • Build your personal brand.
  • Optimise a couple of keywords to the core as if there is no other day.
  • Guest Blogging.
  • Engage your audience on the Social Media.
  • Ask pertinent question on landing pages to evince interest.

These are the techniques that are not limited but tried and tested. There may be a crazier way to get visibility, engage and convert your prospects which will be effective lets explore together & open the pandora box.

What is OutBound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is generally a one way traffic. The company reaches out to the clients by ways of Newspaper ads, Television ads, Radio Jingles, Catalogs, brochures, flyers, trade shows & cold calling techniques. The disadvantage of outbound marketing is that these efforts cannot be quantified. Fo example if a television ad runs is there any assured way that the hundreds & thousands of prospects who saw your ad will take an action to introspect your brand?

We do not say that Outbound is not needed for your visibility it can build some value to your brand but combined with Inbound marketing efforts your Conversion can achieve better mileage & greater efficiency.