What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a new way to go for companies, who are looking for accessibility and uptime in a budget-friendly package.

Cloud servers consist of a pool of workstations that are combined to create a single resource bed. When users ask for a resource, it comes from the pool and not from the workstation directly. Also, conventional server configurations restrict customers by imposing limitations on the servers that host their websites.

Cloud hosting can scale up the performance of a private server in a virtual environment. Over the years, cloud computing has turned out to be a global leader in delivering enhanced IT solutions. For customers exploring robust IT solutions, there, is no place better than Easylink India.

How does Cloud hosting work?

Cloud hosting works through the process of virtualization. It is a technology that splits a physical server into multiple virtual machines which are called cloud servers. Then, you have to connect to create a single network for hosting a website.

Due to its interconnected cloud structure, this hosting is called cluster server hosting.

Look into the benefits of using Cloud hosting solutions:

  • High availability: So, when one server fails, the rest will take control and keep your website running. It makes cloud hosting even more reliable than traditional web hosting.
  • Scalability: With Cloud Hosting services, webmasters are not limited to the storage, bandwidth, or computing power available from a single server.
  • Security is high: Cloud Hosting is less prone to disasters and physical malfunctions because it uses multiple servers in a virtual environment.

Why US?

We provide excellent facilities in Cloud Hosting maintenance to all our customers. Working as Cloud consultants, we assist customers with our on-demand enterprise Cloud solutions, applications, and tools. Our team of experts delivers cutting-edge Cloud consulting services helping companies to boost their productivity to new heights. We make it possible for companies to reduce their overheads and enhance productivity.

How do we help?

Whether your applications are running in an on-premise captive data center, or a public cloud, we are a one-stop Cloud service provider for world-class cloud services. We have a wide range of cloud consulting services that address all customer challenges pertaining to a seamless transition.

Look into the benefits of using Cloud hosting solutions:

Cloud Storage Services

Easylink cloud storage services are designed around our customers and are delivered, on a platform that meets their requirements. Whether you are looking to fix issues, utilizing managed services, developing a strategy, or securing your applications, EasyLink is the end-to-end service provider.

A majority of our clients rated "Easylink" far higher than our competition on " delivering what we promise with our reliable services".

Our Strategy and architecture

Easylink services meet you on your cloud or digital transformation journey. We team with you to define your integrity security, architecture management models, and resiliency into implementable designs that meets your business requirements. We also make sure that we recognize the need for cloud solutions that protect traditional investments to benefit the organizations from hybrid models. We understand the key challenges and provide unique value beyond cloud-only needs.

Modernisation and Migration

Easylink cloud services help our customers to build secure and scalable cloud environments. Also, we have our Multi-Cloud Deployment Services which provide a multi-cloud development solution enabling enterprises to transform infrastructure and modernize their applications. Our services are tested with various infrastructure services that make your journey to the cloud more agile and secure.

Resiliency and Security

Our secure and resilient IT platform helps enterprises to unlock and accelerate the actual value of cloud and digital technology. We provide expert services which help enterprises to keep their vital systems secure and recoverable.

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