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We provide cost-effective and effective digital marketing solutions through our full-service business. We aim to improve business, traffic, and rankings through our efforts.


Web Development Services

Being a respectable web development company, we adhere to a client-centric attitude and offer a tailored online solution per your business’s requirements. Our Easy Link Web & IT Solutions is aware of how important your website is to the success of your business. Web development services provide an enjoyable online environment and help develop all forms of web-based applications. Thus we continuously research and monitor the evolving client needs to offer a cutting-edge solution that will help you enhance conversion.

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Digital Marketing Services

Our Easy Link Web & IT Solutions works hard to give each client the most excellent possible digital experience by giving them a uniquely created solution. We at Easy Link Web & IT Solutions thoroughly analyze the vision, mission, and value of the brand and business to deliver the required reach in digital marketing. We are a full-service provider of the best digital marketing services, providing everything from creating a simple website to creating an e-commerce website, web applications, and online advertising and promotion.

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Google Workspace Services

Google Workspace is a powerful yet user-friendly management solution for any organization, regardless of size. Our Easy Link Web & IT Solutions has been approved as a Google Workspace specialist. We offer full deployment, implementation, training, and ongoing support to ensure your team makes the most of this powerful collection of corporate communication tools. As a recognized Google Workspace business, we are equipped to harness Google Workspace’s power and provide your business with all of its advantages in a simple, economical, and efficient manner.

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Cloud Hosting & Storage Services

Use cloud hosting and storage options to accommodate your organization’s growing needs. Our cloud hosting and storage solutions give your data a scalable, secure, reasonably priced home and support traditional and cloud-native workloads. File, block, and object storage services should be offered and deployed. Increase performance by adjusting capacity as needs change. Just cover the cost of the cloud storage you utilize. Reduce the price of cloud storage services by using our flexible tiering options and cost-free private network.

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Cyber Security Services

Best-of-breed backup, security and recovery for all your endpoints, systems and data. We proactively protect data, endpoints and systems across your IT environment, ensuring reduced cyber risks and low RPOs and RTOs in case of downtime, making your business more resilient to modern cyber challenges.The best-of-breed backup and recovery services that protects your business and empowers employees to promptly recover their workstations and data with a single click. Eliminating IT bottlenecks, having the One-click Recovery tool makes your business much more resilient to complex, large-scale cyber attacks.

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Tools & Technologies

Some of the tools & technologies we use frequently to build web applications & advertisment

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated digital marketing professionals

Our digital marketing company's dedicated team of skilled digital marketers is here to support you as you grow your business.

Excellent performance assessment

We provide monthly information on the social media activity of your business so you can easily keep track of the outcomes.

Rapid delivery

Our digital marketing & web development company crew will frequently complete projects on schedule because of their commitment to excellence without lowering the standard of the products and services. We have finished coding without errors.

Customer support

Through our 24/7 customer support service, you may quickly get in touch with the digital marketing expert in charge of your project.

Years of experience

We have years of experience in the digital marketing industry thanks to a combination of successful techniques.

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businesswoman businessman businessman businessman businessman businessman

I am Sudha Sridharan from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). My experience with Easy Link Web & IT Solutions was during the IWN Annual Leadership Conclave held in February 2022. They have completed the task of updating the Conclave Website with the help of inputs from us in time and immediately reverting us on the status also. Very good experience with them and excellent team.

Sudha Sridharan
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Easylinkindia understand the client's requirements and goes to length to meet their objectives.

Munusamy Krishnamoorthy
Chief Executive Officer at Vitex Industries Sdn Bhd

Easylinkindia is always there in times of need. very Happy with Their services.

Rajesh Doraiswamy
Jt. MD, Salzer Electronics Limited

I have known Easylinkindia for a little over 3 years now and They have been a very reliable service provider.

Seeni Jay G
Co-Founder, Head, FX Treasury at Xwapp

Diligent Neat work Affable Consistent follow-ups

Seetharaman N

Easy Link Web & IT Solutions is professional and we are very comfortable with Them.

Wahid Ali Kassim
Owner, A.SINO Developers Limited